I create things that I want to exist.

If there was one way to describe me, it would be that I am a perfectionist. I don't like to half-ass anything, especially when it comes to my jewelry and accessories. A good amount of time (and patience) was spent experimenting with different mediums before figuring out the best products to use to create my pieces that fit my expectations and how I wanted everything to look.

I keep my mind open to new ideas and inspiration, and most nights, after work, you can find me in the basement (or as I've nicknamed it, my Little Black Bat Cave!), making those ideas and inspirations a real thing. Some ideas work, some don't. It's not about winning and losing - it's about winning and learning. This shop has exercised my creative side in more ways than I could have imagined and the items you see (and will continue to see as the days/weeks/months/years(?!) go by) are the fruits of my labor.

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