August Updates!

Gloomy greetings, all! 

This is the first of what I hope to be many blog posts. My main goal for this blog is to use it as a place for life updates, LBB updates, behind-the-scenes, new things I am working on, etc. 

I've been busy the last few weeks, fulfilling wholesale orders and making sure my retailers have their inventory in hand for the busy fall season that is quickly approaching! 

Next Saturday, the 26th, I'll be vending at The Oddities & Curiosities Expo in Pittsburgh, PA! I still have to prep everything for that, ha! 

I've been spending more time reading these days and even less time on my phone and/or watching TV. I just finished "The Once and Future Witches" and I LOVED it! I started "Slewfoot" while eating lunch, and I am looking forward to getting more read tonight as I settle down for the evening.

Until next time <3

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