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369 Manifestation Journal Physical Notebook Goth Gothic Witch Witchcraft Witchy Affirmations Intentions Oddities Victorian Unique Gift

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A physical notebook dedicated to the 369 manifestation technique!

The first page includes a brief explanation and tips.

There are lots of websites and blogs about 369 manifestations that provide better information than I ever could; I highly recommend spending time reading up on it. This journal is simply a physical template for your manifestations.

It measures 8.5" by 5.5".
There are enough pages for a 45 day cycle.
Front and back covers are laminated.
Inside covers are blank/white.

I make each and every notebook in my studio.
I design, cut, laminate and punch holes in all the covers.
I cut and hole punch all the pages.
I assemble and coil/bind each notebook.