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Daily One Card Pull Tarot Journal Physical Notebook Beginner New Goth Gothic Baby Witch Witchcraft Witchy Victorian Unique Gift

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A physical notebook dedicated to journaling your tarot journey!

The first few pages include a birth chart to complete as well as a very simple cheat sheet of major/minor arcana meanings.

This journal is great for tarot beginners and/or anyone practicing tarot who just received a new deck they want to get accustomed with.

It measures 8.5" by 5.5".
There are enough pages for 50 days of tarot card pulls.
Front and back covers are laminated.
Inside covers are blank/white.

I make each and every notebook in my studio.
I design, cut, laminate and punch holes in all the covers.
I cut and hole punch all the pages.
I assemble and coil/bind each notebook.